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Svein Erik Tøien, architect and photographer

I am an architect and photographer located in Nyksund, Norway.

Photography has been an important part of my life for a long time. Back in my youth, I was photographing in black and white (and developing images in the darkroom) and doing a lot of slides photography from numerous hikes and travels. Since 2005 I have been going digital, sharing images on the Internet.

Lately it has gone more serious, as I have held separate exhibitions and is selling fine art prints.

Nature and landscapes have appealed to me as long as I can remember. I recall from my youth an essential experience, driving past the Trolltindane mountains in Norway on a trip with my family. These huge mountain walls made an impact - giving a feeling that here was “something”, vastly exceeding the mere mineral shapes. I wanted to explore and express this “something”, and still find this to be a challenge and an inspiration in my photography.

I hope you enjoy visiting my site - feel free to comment, or to contact me. Use the "Comment" boxes below the images, or use the Contact form found under the Home menu to e-mail me.

Bio photo: Iceland november 2015. Copyright © M. E. Mjaaland

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