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I am happy to announce the release of a completely new design for my website! This mainly thanks to my photo host, SmugMug, which has recently unveiled a new setup and interface, allowing a wider range of designs and displays. On my site you will notice the addition of new navigation tools, like drop-down menus, and the whole organization of the site is updated.

Returning visitors may have issues navigating, due to new positions of elements in the site. I also know some of you have put links from your websites to specific galleries in my old website. These links will probably have to be renewed. In general, I have not deleted or made inaccessible any public galleries, but some categories have changed name, and some galleries are moved from one category to another. I will try to contact those I know about, and give the new links, but I do not have the full view here. If anyone needs assistance, please contact me via the contact form in the “Home” menu, and I will guide you as best I can.

I will be working on the development of the website also after the release of the new design. As I proceed in this, some areas of the site may be offline, have bugs or be in need of organization. Hopefully the process will be completed during October this year. Thank you for your patience with the possible inconvenience!



Since long, everything now seems to run smoothly - the small initial bugs are cleared out, and I am, after almost 3 years, still satisfied with the design.

As I am adding new images to the site, there is always the question of how to group things; I try to link images internally so that the best ones show up in more than one location on the site.

The last years I have had exibitions both in Sortland and Nyksund; the images for sale here are shown in separate galleries, featured on the "home" page. Ordering still has to be done via e-mail; I am pondering to add a webshop option but this is still some way to go...


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