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For many photographers, the cameras and lenses one uses become quite personal items – and it is interesting to check out what equipment fellow photographers are hanging on to. Here are some words on the photo equipment I have used an uses today :

In the past:
My first SLR: Minolta SRT101 (my brother and I called it the camera with the rubberband shutter, due to the its short lifespan). Then Pentax MX (which I wore out), Minox pocket camera, and Leica CL. The Leica was sadly enough stolen in the early 80's; I then found a second-hand Pentax ME which I kept using for many years, mostly equipped with Pentax’s tiny 40mm pancake lens.

Then the digital age struck, in my case in 2005, when I purchased a Canon S70 compact camera. After a year or so I felt the need for a DSLR, and after a lot of research ended up with a Pentax K10D fitted with a DA 16-45mm lens. This was the start - within a couple of years I had collected a substantial amount of new Pentax equipment. I now have a setup that suits my needs well; the files from the Pentax bodies  K5 - K5Ii - K3II have shown to work well for prints up to 700x1000mm, and the Pentax lenses and bodies are nice and compact. I recently (2016) upgraded to fullframe body K-1 which opens up new possibilities due to its excellent 36 Mp sensor.

For those interested, there are images from each lens in these separate galleries in the Photography cathegory.

The setup I use on a daily basis, much of it usually contained in a ThinkTank Speed Racer waistbag:
Pentax K-1 and K3II – and Pentax lenses:

DFA 15-30 mm f 2.8
SMC FA 31 mm f 1.8
SMC FA 77 mm f 1.8

SMC A 135 mm f 2.8

SMC DA* 50-135 mm
SMC DA* 300 mm f 4 (usually mounted on a K3II body, ready to shoot)

Setup for night sky photography:

Pentax K-01 Astro-modified with Sigma 8-16mm f 4.5 - 5.6,  and Sigma 18-35mm f 1.8

Pentax K-1 with Pentax DFA 15-30 mm f 2.8

At hand – used from time to time:
Canon Powershot D10

Pentax K5 and K5II
SMC DA 10-17 mm f 3.5 – 4.5 fisheye
SMC DA 12-24 mm f 4.0

SMC DA 16-45 mm f 4.0
SMC FA 50 mm f 1.4
SMC FA 100 mm 2.8 macro
SMC DA 55-300 mm f 4-5.8

On the shelf – my little museum:
Canon Powershot S70
Pentax K10D
Pentax ME, and the heritage manual Pentax lenses:
SMC-M 40 mm f 2.8
SMC-M 28 mm f 2.8
SMC M 75-150 mm f 4.0

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